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Me, in Short

Strong background in product design, service, and UX/UI with great passion for developing positive and impactful products and services.

Expert in Design Thinking and innovation management. Led successful projects in Customer Experience and User Experience Design through digital innovation. Skilled in leading design thinking workshops, both in-person and online. 


UX/UI Design

I started creating websites on the WIX platform in 2015. The first was an online store that I designed for my brand and later for customers. 

There are other projects from the last year that are not yet on the air, I will only be able to present them in a personal meeting.


Hagar Kaufman

Website design for yoga center

UX/UI for an informational website on the WIX platform, including content strategy, branding and illustrations


hagar kaufman website design by meirav ohayon.jpg
homepage + phone.png


Lunch Sharing App


BENTO is a platform for people who love home-cooked food and want to maintain a varied healthy diet alongside their active lives. 

Approach: User Experience Research and Design

deliverables: Prototype of a lunch sharing app that enables organizing of lunch groups, or buying lunch from talented cooks around you

website design for pathos mathos company.png

Pathos Mathos Company

Website design for a theater and performance group

UX/UI for an informational website on the WIX platform, including graphic design for digital marketing campaigns and "third eye" for several productions

since 2020


Design Thinking Porjects 

The projects I present here are the result of my master's studies in an integrated design. These are service design innovative projects.


A Neighborhood Social Network

The  I. DO system offers a model for a location-based neighborhood network that encourages people to move on to sustainable living and provides three tools for implementation.

Approach: Using a design thinking methodology, I searched for the tools to help drive the desired behavior change.


App - concept and UX/UI design

  • Interactive bulletin board- Product simulation and screen design

  • Neighborhood Sustainability Center - concept



A "playground" For The Design Community.

The Zone is a platform for discussing, sharing and rating professional content. A"playground" for designers, engineers and industry.

The Client: Holon Design Museum


Deliverables: We have created new tools that would most effectively strengthen the relationship between the design museum and the design community:

  • Website: P to P platform for discussing, sharing and rating professional content.

  • Proposal for an annual plan

  • Pop-up kit for community meeting


Team Project

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