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Hi there, i'm Meirav a creative,  innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.  Curious girl in constant learning.  Highly motivated team player with  good communication skills :)   


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Lunch Shearing App


The Challenge: Students want to eat homemade, healthy and varied food every day, each according to their preferences. Aren't we all?

Approach: User Experience Research

Outcome: Prototype of Lunch sharing app that enable organising in lunch groups or buying lunches from talented cooks around you


  A Neighborhood Social Network


The Challenge: Encourage city residents to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. 

Approach: Using a design thinking methodology, I searched for the tools to help drive the desired behavior change.


  • Application

  • Interactive bulletin board

  • Neighborhood Sustainability Center


Concept, research and development, UX, logo and infographic design and storytelling by me.  


A "playground" For Design Industry.


The Client: Holon Design Museum

The Challenge: Strengthening the relationship of the design museum with the designer community in Israel and abroad and positioning it as a generator and amplifier of the design scene

Approach: Using design thinking methodology, we explored the local design community and looked for tools that would be meaningful to meet the challenge

Outcome: P to P Model, a platform for discussing, sharing and rating professional content, Proposal for an annual plan, pop-up kit, website

My Project Team: Shelly Shavit, David Faitelson and Gil Hertz.


Instagram Documentary Series



The Challenge: To hold a discussion on the nature of Israeli democracy, and to raise awareness of the dangers and distortions of the current situation. 

Approach: Transmedia: 

  • Collaboration with the Israeli Institute of Democracy.

  • A high school curriculum that is based on the series and allows to study citizenship in a way that is youth-adapted today.

  • Social Media tagging #what_next #מה_יהיה_הסוף

  • This or that?  A web game that invites viewers to choose the character they identified with​

Outcome: Salt Of The Earth - A pilot video uploaded to the "Story" on a dedicated Instagram account


My Project Team: Michal Arieli, Muhammad Easa and Vered Bachar

The Ring

Fresh Food Super Highway



The Client: food industry.

The Challenge: Preserve fresh food for a long periods of time. 

Approach: Using a speculative design approach, we reconsidered and critiqued the refrigerator as a method of preserving food over time

Outcome: The Ring system consists three major parts: 

  • Deep time freezer where fresh food is frozen in time

  • Interface: super highway that delivers fresh food to and from the deep time freezer.

​​My Project Team: David Faitelson, Noa Kress and Hanna Corcos.

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