I'm a multidisciplinary designer, lives and works in Tel Aviv, married and mother of two. Until recently the owner of a handbag and jewelry brand MEIRAV OHAYON. I'm a graduate of Bezalel BFA (1999), Department of Jewelry Accessories and Objects and M. Des degree in Integrated Design at Holon Institute of Technology, HIT (2019). I'm a creative person with entrepreneurial spirit, team player with good communication skills, organization and analytical thinking. 

For the past two years, as part of my master's degree in integrated design, I practiced complex problem solving, systemic thinking, teamwork, design thinking processes, CX, UX and more. Add to that my professional background which includes stage and costume design, bags and jewelry design, developing and management of several brands and producing of many projects, I am so ready for the next chapter of my career.


I’m looking for the opportunity to integrate as a UX, process or service designer. I believe that with my personal skills as a team player, independent, open-minded and flexibility combined with my multidisciplinary training I can bring great value to the digital realm as well as the world of things.

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