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Service Design Project

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A Playground For Designers 


The Challenge: Strengthening the relationship between the design museum and the design community in Israel and abroad, as well as positioning the museum as a generator and amplifier of the design scene.


Approach: 'Design thinking' methodology - Human Centered Design


Outcomes: Ecosystem, strategic planning, Logo, Website, Popup Kit, Annual Plan Content


Project Partners: Shelly Shavit, David Faitelson and Gil Hertz.

Discover & Define

1. We got together with the "customer" - the design museum, for a workshop. The goal of the workshop was to learn their perspective on the relationship between the museum and the design community.

2. We conducted interviews with designers in a range of fields. We wanted to know more about their relationship with the design museum. We mapped their user journeys and created personas

3. All the information we gathered together with an ideation workshop led us to create a solution that contains several elements


Devlope: The Solution

The Zone is an engine for examining and presenting innovation in the areas of design, technology and community. A platform for discussing, sharing and rating professional content. A"playground" for designers, engineers and industry.


With the help of the zone, the museum can actively explore the field of design on a scale not previously available to it, as it can harness the research community of designers and the high-tech industry.


The platform will serve as a tool for monitoring trends, insights, new designers and human capital. A tool that generates discussion, ideas and active sieve. The zone functions as an amplifier and catalyst.

A strategic plan for the ecosystem

Annual activity plan:

Popup Kit

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Project Website

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