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 BENTO: A Lunch Sharing App 


BENTO is a platform for people that love home cooked food and want to maintain a varied healthy diet alongside their busy lives. The BENTO App offers two features: 

 1. Community: where you can organize in groups of two to five people that cook one another once a week. 

 2. Marketplace: where you can buy and sell lunches from talented cooks around you. In this project I focused on students as my target market.

Project Duration: March - July 2020

Design Process For Solution




User Flow
& Information Architecture


Mood Board, and UI Design System

Scenarios &

Defining the Problem

Most students come to educational institutions at least 5 days a week. For most, these are the first years out of their parents' home, and they are very busy juggling educational assignments, social life and sometimes also work.


It therefor happens that nutrition is pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities and students find themselves eating food they wouldn't want to eat or spending a lot of money in cafeteria, restaurants and food deliveries.

Users Research

Due to the Corona virus, I had to give up on in-depth face-to-face interviews, and instead settled for a survey distributed among HIT students. The survey aimed at examining their dietary habits, their pain points and opportunities. I learned that:

Opportunity: ​

  • Lunch is the main meal during the Student Day

  • Most of them (60%) prefer home cooked food

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Pain Point:

“We (57%) want to keep a healthy diet, it doesn't always work for us”


Cooking means shopping and spending time and energy in the kitchen.

Opportunity: ​

  • Half of the surveyed cook for themselves every day.

  • The other half would like to, but they have no time for that

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HMW help students enjoy home cooked food and maintain a healthy and varied diet alongside their busy lifestyles?

An app that specializes in connecting people to lunch groups based on location, diet style and dates. The idea is simple: Each member of the group will cook a meal once a week for all members of the group. I call this service - a community. Another service the app will offer is Marketplace - where anyone can buy and sell a home-cooked meal from one of the talented cooks around

Market Research

As part of my study, I searched for food sharing apps to analyze their UX / UI strategy so I could learn from them, as well as differentiate my product. The "Why?" Of each of the apps I chose is very different, and yet each one inspired me in one way or another.


Share more. Waste less.

"We connect neighbours with each other and Food Waste Hero volunteers with local businesses, to share food (and other things) rather than chuck them away. Sharing is fast, free and friendly!"

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Discovery begins at home

" We connect people who are seeking unique and immersive experiences with our hand-selected local hosts, in private homes and exclusive venues."


Through the analysis, the functions of the implement BENTO were organized:

First, the UX flow will answer the need for a Bento search. Using the three filters: dates, diet style and location, the app will offer the user two tracks: one of a sharing group and the other purchase. 

In the case of UI, I chose to emphasize the separation of the tracks by using color and illustrations. Food photos and videos are at the heart of the app, this is where users put on display their creativity.

Service Flow

Bento Service Flow (1).jpg

Information Architecture​

bento information architecture.png


I created 4 personalities relevant to an academic institution ecosystem, in this case, HIT.

Mood Board & Design system

For the design system, I chose the use of strong, but soft, colors play an important role in separating the two main features of the app: Lunch groups received the green color and buy-sell, received the yellow color. The pink color is the color of the system and the community.
The illustrations are intended to soften the pragmatism of the application and to highlight the creativity of preparing food.

Food photos and videos are at the heart of the app, this is where users get to showcase their creativity. I'm passing the responsibility on all content in the app to the users and I'm definitely aware of the weakness of this decision

bento mood board.png
bento design system.png


bento representative screens.png

Scenarios & Prototype: 

For the prototype I chose to focus on the Lunch Groups feature, so I continued with Yoav as a returning user and Mia as a new user.

Key: In Scenarios I marked the user actions in green and the elements in orange

The Returning User Scenario: 

Yoav receives a notification that it's already Thursday and he should organize in a lunch group for next week. Additionally, notification for not yet rating Michal's Bento is waiting him. Yoav drags Michal's rating notification and reaches the rating screen. Yoav gives Michal's Bento three stars, he chooses feedbacks from a suggested list and also writes a few words to her in a text box. Yoav presses the send and receives a positive feedback on his action. From there, he's transferred to the home screenYoav skips the Bento search (using the filters) and glances at the lunch group that the app offers him based on his acquaintance within  "Community". He explores the possibilities and decides to form a new group. Yoav presses the + button in the tab menu and  chooses to create a Bento group.
Yoav defines the group as closed. Yoav set the number of participant. Yoav chooses dates. Yoav chooses very low absentee fees because he will share the group with close friends. Yoav chooses the collection point for the Bento.
Yoav chooses his day to cook and a bento from previously published Bento list. The form is updated immediately with the Bento image and the three slots are filled with the bento ingredients. Yoav presses the publish and taken to the feedback screen.Yoav click the link icon to invite 4 friends to join. He sends the invitation and close the screen with the . Yoav receives notifications for every team member joining.

If you are using your mobile phone, please try to explore the  prototype this way >

The New User Scenario​:

Mia sees students on campus with branded Bento boxes. She asks classmates and they tell her about the app and recommend her to try.


Mia's journey begins with four onboarding screens, which in order to move from one to the other she presses the next button. On the fourth screen, she presses the Create Account button and taken to the registration screen. She presses the Sign Up button and lands on the home page where a small window awaits her with a brief explanation about using the three filters. She clicks next and moves to a screen with a window that shows her where she can create a new Bento group or Bento for sale. She presses the Got It and lands on the home page that includes only the search function. She clicks choose dates,  a calendar screen opens, she selects the days for which she is looking for a Bento and exits with click on the Done button. The search screen reappears updated with the dates. Mia presses on a Diet Style, selects All and exits by clicking the Done button. The search screen opens again and Mia presses the Pickup Location, she write HIT and choose Building 6, pressing the Done button and returns to the search screen for the last time. Mia presses the MATCH button. A transition screen opens, followed by a  Join A Group screen that announces 12 Bento groups. She presses the Buy Bento button and moves to the Buy A Bento screen Offering 12 Bento for sale. Mia returns to the groups page. She clicks on the first group, the Mediterranean. She drags the group menu to find out what is likely to be in each Bento. By clicking  Maya Ziv's profile picture she opens her profile screen. She scrolls to learn about her Reviews. Mia presses the arrow and returns to the group menu and click the Join button at the open slot. Join A Group screen opens, Mia gives her Bento a name, selects the last available day, and uploads a picture of a meal, she writes the ingredients in the three slots designed for it and V-Check  on "save the Bento to my list". Mia presses the Join button. A chat screen opens with a ready message to the group. Below are the profile pictures of the group members. She pushes a Send button. The schedule opens, the group days are marked with a green frame line, her day is painted green. She closes the screen by pressing the X button. A screensaver with a notification saying tomorrow is the day she should cook for the group.

If you are using your mobile phone, please try to explore the  prototype this way >