I.DO: A Neighbourhood Network

 A neighborhood social network


The Challenge: Encourage city residents to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. 

Approach: Using a design thinking methodology, I searched for the tools to help drive the desired behavioural change.

Outcome:  Application | Interactive bulletin board | Neighborhood Sustainability Center

My Role: Concept, research and development, App and bulletin board UX, logo and infographic design, storytelling, Film making and editing.

 A final project as part of a master's degree in integrated design (HIT).

Supervisor: Nissan Grizzle

Helped me: Hila Padan with UI design, Eli Dor with 3D simulation of the bulletin board and Lee Shpasa Zlinger with animation 




The  I.DO system offers a model for a location-based neighborhood network that encourages people to move on to sustainable living and provides three tools for implementation: an app, an interactive bulletin board and a neighborhood sustainability center. The platform is designed in a way that connects between additional entities as partners, and serves as a channel of communication and public sharing between the municipality and residents. This enables the municipality to support the well-being of residents, as well as to reward them for activities that promote sustainability. The platform is based on Bioregional's "One Planet Living" model that offers ten principles of action aimed at changing personal and community behavior to reduce their ecological footprint and to improve their quality of life




The system features Encourages users to connect with one another to create neighborhood events and projects through newsgroups, study groups, and collaborative groups that also comprise equipment-sharing warehouses. A reward model encourages active neighbors in the network to score and rank people for actions that support the community and the environment leading up to the "King of the Neighborhood" While maintains the privacy of users who are only exposed to their neighborhood residents by choice. In addition, the platform includes a local currency-based DO Coins trading scene whereby residents accumulate DO Coins both for daily sustainability actions and volunteer initiatives in the community. 


The network is supported by the WE.DO -Neighborhood Sustainability Center which serves as a meeting point for neighbors, study groups and exhibitions with a sustainability agenda. The digital bulletin board aims to make the content and community activities accessible to the public, to map out and highlight places that have adopted sustainability projects, and to create a conversation between residents, as well as between residents and the municipality.




The personas are based on ethnographic research that includes a survey and in-depth interviews


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