We at MEIRAV OHAYON believe jewelry should be bold but natural and authentic, true to the woman who’s wearing it and her values.

In this jewelry collection, designer Meirav Ohayon makes use of leftover smaller pieces of leather to create a unique collection of leather jewelry that integrates handcraft, sculptural qualities, and her passion for drawing right into the design.

Because our vegetable-tanned leather is processed slowly using natural ingredients, such as wood and plants, it is absorbent and pliable, allowing the designer to sculpt the jewelry. As with our line of handbags, this leather provides her with the ideal medium on which she draws directly on the leather using a brush and permanent black ink. The waxed thread she uses to hand-stitch each piece is a direct continuation of the motifs of her drawing, often incorporating the primal glint of copper wire as well.

All jewelry is handmade to order, and as it is crafted from natural materials, will age beautifully as you wear it, enhancing its personality as it becomes a signature part of your look.



At MEIRAV OHAYON, we create all our accessories out of the highest-quality materials, which will last for many years with proper care.

Our bags and jewelry integrate components made from naked Italian vegetable-tanned leather. Because this leather is water absorbent, rain, grease and other liquids may cause staining that is difficult and sometimes impossible to remove. If the leather gets wet, wipe off any residual water with a dry cloth and allow it to dry naturally, away from direct heat. Avoid color transfer from dark clothing onto the vegetable-tanned leather.


  • Avoid storing makeup loose in any natural leather bag, since it contains oils that can cause staining.

  • When your bag is not in use, store it in the included dust bag, filled with bubble wrap to help it maintain its original shape.

  • It is recommended to put on vegetable-tanned leather jewelry only after applying perfume, once the perfume has been absorbed into the skin.

  • When jewelry is not in use, store in the included box in order to maintain its distinctive shape.