We at MEIRAV OHAYON are proud to offer a line of individual bags that make a powerful statement about the woman carrying them.

In this collection, designer Meirav Ohayon returns to her longtime passion of handcraft and integrated drawing.

Every bag in our range is completely unique, created from a combination of nappa leathers and an Italian vegetable tanned leather that is processed slowly using natural vegetable-based ingredients.

Because it is not treated with chemicals, the leather is absorbent. This quality makes it the perfect material for the designer’s interplay between design and hand-drawing with black ink, using a brush, creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Using wax thread, Meirav also personally creates a hand-sewn line-sketch that no sewing machine could possibly replicate, transforming each bag into a unique piece.

When the bag becomes yours, the leather will be affected by the way you wear it, and will age beautifully, enhancing its personality and complementing yours.



At MEIRAV OHAYON, we create all our accessories out of the highest-quality materials, which will last for many years with proper care.

Our bags and jewelry integrate components made from naked Italian vegetable-tanned leather. Because this leather is water absorbent, rain, grease and other liquids may cause staining that is difficult and sometimes impossible to remove. If the leather gets wet, wipe off any residual water with a dry cloth and allow it to dry naturally, away from direct heat. Avoid color transfer from dark clothing onto the vegetable-tanned leather.


  • Avoid storing makeup loose in any natural leather bag, since it contains oils that can cause staining.

  • When your bag is not in use, store it in the included dust bag, filled with bubble wrap to help it maintain its original shape.

  • It is recommended to put on vegetable-tanned leather jewelry only after applying perfume, once the perfume has been absorbed into the skin.

  • When jewelry is not in use, store in the included box in order to maintain its distinctive shape.